Ingredient Spotlight: 5 Unexpected Uses for Soy Sauce Powder

It might come as a surprise to you that we have been mastering the art of soy sauce powders for quite a few years. Since 1964, Nikken has made soy sauce powders (among other real food ingredients) one of our top priorities because we think its versatility and complexity is frankly…well, underrated. Sure, soy sauce is the shining salty staple used to season Asian cuisines from Chinese to Thai to Korean and more. However, soy sauce is equally at home, albeit a little quieter, in dishes outside the Asian circle that might surprise you. Our purpose is inspiration. Maybe you will find a new use for soy sauce in your product development that you never thought of…at the very least you might have a tidy change purse (more on that later).

The List

Soy sauce has a rich, salty profile, giving it lots of potential in dishes that call for salt. Its depth of color might not be top of mind for a cream sauce but because little is needed to have crazy good impact, you might reconsider. Of course, soy sauce powder’s ability to add umami is a mouth-watering bonus (read more about that here). And when there are options beyond traditional soy sauce powders, like reduced sodium, wheat-free, tamari and roasted, the culinary world for soy sauce suddenly becomes big and bright. Here are 5 unexpected uses for soy sauce powders that might have you bypassing the salt.

Healthy Snacks

Popcorn is a go to snack for health conscious consumers. And while pepping it up with flavor isn’t new, calling on soy sauce powder to bring a trend worthy Asian profile is, especially if it’s wheat-free or reduced sodium. Check out our hoisin seasoning for the perfect complement to popcorn or an alternative grain snack base.


There’s an ice cream institution in New York City called Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Apparently last summer they released a soy sauce ice cream that brought “a playful and unique experience to food enthusiasts.”1 Blending the soy sauce right into the ice cream was novel and a little shocking but sweetly satisfying. We must have been of like mind last year because at 2015 IFT we showcased a Soy Sauce Chocolate Truffle that blew attendees minds.


Next time you are formulating a tomato-based sauce, add a touch of soy sauce powder to balance the tomatoes. Case in point: our Light Colored Soy Sauce Powders enhance a Chipotle Cream Pizza Sauce with surprising depth, little color, and will have your consumers begging for more.


As an alternative, consider soy sauce powders instead of salt to flavor poaching liquid for added richness and an umami boost. Soy sauce powders bring another layer of flavor that salt cannot.


And for a fun little trivia, soy sauce is a great degreaser for cleaning pennies! Apparently the acid in the soy is what is needed to keep the pennies in your wallet sparkling.

Call us to learn how Nikken’s soy sauce powders can make a difference in your next application – Asian or otherwise. Our technical support team has the tips and techniques that will help make your project soy delicious.