What’s In Our Fridge?

Ever had a friend come over and unexpectedly open your fridge? We’re not talking when you are having a gathering and it’s “party-ready” but more like Thursday, when leftover containers and foil-wrapped mystery packages consume most of the real estate. For a change of pace, we thought it would be fun to give you a peek inside our lunchroom fridge at Nikken. You may or may not be surprised by our broad tastes ranging from the take-out variety to the gourmand.

what's in our fridge

Upscale Brown Bagging

We, of course like to pack our lunches and complement them with large douses of some crazy heat in the form of Noel’s Serrano and Mango Hot Sauce or Dragon Repellant Knightmare Hot Sauce (upper left). Either way, a chaser of fresh fruit is required! Hidden in the packed lunches is:

  • Homemade carrot coconut curry
  • Grilled chicken breast for salads
  • Grilled steak
  • Veggies as the vehicle for our homemade hummus
  • Lots of fresh fruit (to cool down the hot sauce and curry)

Leftover Love

Just like at home, our fridge has the ever-present leftovers from an assortment of great local restaurants. Many are tried and true St. Louis classics, some from “The Hill” or other Italian neighborhoods, and lots of representation from the hip, trendy spots:

  • BBQ Pork Steaks*
  • Toasted Ravioli *
  • Pizza: St. Louis style with Provel from Vito’s*
  • Cold Pasta
  • Fried Chicken from Mama Josephine’s
  • Neapolitan pizza from A Pizza Story
  • Hummus from Trader Joe’s
  • Classic Italian neighborhood sandwiches from “The Hill”*

*(see our City Guide post for more insight on these STL classics)

Our Applications Lab Fridge

And not to be forgotten, we wouldn’t be a proper ingredient company without mentioning our applications lab fridge. It’s chock full of prototype sauces, dressings and glazes with added umami and kokumi-enhancing ingredients from our Nikken Library. Contact us if you’d like to sample a few, they make great partners to many applications. A sampling:

  • Horseradish Cream Sauces
  • Miso Soy Vinaigrette
  • Sriracha Aioli
  • Teriyaki Sauces
  • Orange Balsamic Dressing
  • Honey and Spice Glaze

Our fridges here at Nikken are no different than yours. Leftovers and condiments share space with packed lunches and cold beverages but it really is much more than that. The fridge reflects our health, cravings, habits and creations. Hopefully we have inspired you to explore other lunchtime selections in your neck of the woods – and you are always welcome in ours.