Rarebit (Beer & Mustard) Sauce

A savory and creamy English beer and mustard cheese sauce traditionally served over toast, but we like it over macaroni for a twist on the traditional mac-and-cheese.

Spicy Miso Soy Sauce Glaze

Consumer demand for clean label products is at an all-time high. And they don’t want to sacrifice taste presenting a double whammy that challenges manufacturers with a tall order. Nikken Food’s pantry friendly ingredients are the solution, offering clean label AND mouthwatering umami flavor enhancement. This delicious recipe features three of our clean label products including 6100 Red Miso Powder, 5305 Traditional Soy Sauce Powder, and 5390 Fermented Rice Extract Powder.

White Miso Ginger Seasoning

This recipe showcases the amazing possibilities of flavor enhancement using Nikken's White Miso Powder. Imparting a delicate yet powerful boost of Umami, white miso has long been a secret weapon among chefs and product developers alike.