Allergen-Free Teriyaki Sauce

In the mood for the savoriness of teriyaki but need to stay away from soy and wheat? Give our “Oh,So Delicious” Sweet and Tangy Teriyaki a spin. Our completely allergen-free soy sauce substitute brings all of the teriyaki flavor you crave and makes grilled chicken salmon and vegetables sing.


Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan. Bring mixture to a boil and boil for 1 minute and then serve.

Functional Benefits

The 5390 provides an allergen-free option for traditional soy sauce in a teriyaki sauce.

% Ingredients

  • 2.10 Salt
  • 48.25 Water
  • 20.64 Brown Sugar, golden
  • 14.00 5390 Allergen-Free Soy Sauce Powder
  • 9.98 Mirin
  • 3.52 Starch
  • 0.84 2355 Roasted Garlic Extract Powder
  • 0.67 Ginger Paste
  • 100