Baja Sauce

Bowls are all the craze and this sauce is the perfect partner to the popular Buddha Bowl. This sauce offers a spicy, creamy kick of flavor.


Puree jalapeno, red pepper, and onion in food processor.  Add remaining ingredients and pulse until smooth.  Refrigerate for 1 hour and serve.

Functional Benefits

  • 7503 provides an immediate impact to the mouthfeel of the sauce, helping the flavors to roll off the sides of your palate. It also increases the freshness of the vegetables and the heat from the jalapeno.
  • 7503 also adds a backbone to the sauce, providing a savory continuity throughout the tasting experience.

% Ingredients

  • 67.48 Mayonnaise
  • 10.34 Jalapeno
  • 9.32 Red Pepper
  • 6.21 Onion
  • 4.87 Rice Vinegar
  • 1.00 Umami Medley
  • 0.26 Black Pepper
  • 0.26 Cumin
  • 0.26 Garlic Powder
  • 100