White Miso Ginger Seasoning

This recipe showcases the amazing possibilities of flavor enhancement using Nikken's White Miso Powder. Imparting a delicate yet powerful boost of Umami, white miso has long been a secret weapon among chefs and product developers alike.


Mix all dry seasonings into a large plastic bag.

Heat a bowl of your favorite low salt potato chips for 30 seconds. Quickly pour the potato chips into the bag containing the seasoning mix and gently toss to coat the chips. Empty the seasoned chips into your favorite bowl and enjoy!

Functional Benefits

6107 White Miso Powder provides subtle yet powerful Umami enhancement. 4203 Worcestershire Sauce Powder imparts an overall complex savory note. 2230 Roasted Onion Powder and 2355 Roasted Garlic Extract Powder functions as characterizing flavor notes for the seasoning base.

% Ingredients