The Trends of 2014… A Look Back

We decided to shake things up a little bit this year and do something a little different. Because we like things a little spicier and aren’t afraid of a little reflection, we thought we’d take a look BACKWARDS and see what’s happened to a few of the trends we highlighted last year.  It’s our own version of what’s in/what’s out.

Order, Pay, Drive-Thru
Taco Bell led the way when it introduced its mobile app in October, 2014 giving tech-savvy customers an easy way through the drive thru quicker than ever.

Pan-Asian Flavors

Chef Ed Lee partnered with Chung Jung One in the creation of a new Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce hitting supermarket shelves in October 2014. Consumers will love experimenting with this spicy gluten-free, MSG free, sauce made from fresh ingredients.

Fizzy Bubbling Drinks

Beverage giant, Starbucks introduced a new line of beverages called Fizzio in the South. Handcrafted, customized sparkling drinks in an exclusive machine. Sparkling Frappuccino anyone?


The gluten-free trend shows no sign of slowing down and ancient grains like buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa are crossing all categories. Try a savory horseradish-buckwheat pancake with beef tongue at State Street Provisions in San Francisco.

Sour Beers

We may move this one to 2015 as the popularity of fermentation has kicked sour flavor desire into high gear.  Expect to see more sour beers launched in 2015 as more consumers, especially Millennials, appreciate a good lip pursing and more craft beer makers want to flex the artistic muscles that creating great sour beers require.


The new kale? Sure, why not? 2014 saw cauliflower fever sweep across Pinterest, especially when slathered in Greek yogurt, topped with Indian spices and baked whole until golden.

Tea/tea cocktails

Not just for 4pm anymore with crumpets, 2014 saw tea being infused into cocktails, desserts, savory dishes and more.  Tea has been used to dilute punches for years, like the inimitable brandy slush but is being used in creative ways like the “We’ve Got Chai Hopes” at Soul Gastrolounge in Charlotte, NC. We think tea is another trend here to stay particularly as health and wellness conscious consumers sip teas that target specific health conditions.

All in all, we hope you agree that the 2014 trends had significant impact on the food industry and will continue to develop a large trajectory into 2015. Stick with us as next week we will reveal our top picks for trends poised to make a point next year. In the meantime, visit us at for blog posts and to request samples of our ingredients guaranteed to make a few trends out of your next application.

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