Garlic Miso Jerky Seasoning

This garlic seasoning with hints of sugar is the perfect accessory to any jerky. It's not just your average garlic seasoning, the umami boost from our miso and seaweed powders take it over the top. Your taste buds will thank us.

Sweet and Smoky Shiitake Jerky Seasoning

This sweet and smoky recipe is one of our favorites. The shiitake powder really brings out the meatiness of the jerky, and the komi powder adds an umami kick. The sweetness helps to balance the smoky to create a perfect flavor combination.

Tropical Miso Habanero Jerky Seasoning

Wow your taste buds with this unique seasoning that's perfect for jerky. Juicy tropical notes mix together with Habanero peppers to create a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy flavor. Don't like jerky? We also love this seasoning on chips and popcorn!