Lemongrass Miso Broth

While being reminiscent of a traditional miso soup, this version has a pop of brightness and freshness from the lemongrass. Not only does our Miso complement the savory layers in the soup, it also provides a full mouthfeel and enhances the smooth texture. This recipe has a unique twist that will keep you coming back for more.

Sweet Miso Dip

This sweet miso dip is a twist on the classic peanut butter and honey combination. Our 6109 Red miso powder combines well with the other two ingredients and provides a salty kick and savory counterpoint to the sweetness. Whip up this quick and easy recipe to serve with apples, graham crackers, or whatever you’ve got on hand for an easy and healthy snack!

Tikka Masala Sauce

This is a rich and savory traditional masala sauce. We’re positive that you’ll love this recipe, as all of the flavors are enhanced by our 6107 White Miso powder. It harmonizes the milky flavors and spices while adding a creamier mouthfeel with a nice heat linger. Blended in with all these flavors is the pop of citrus from the garam masala.