Creamy Spinach Spread

This creamy spinach spread can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Try dipping in your favorite crackers and veggies, or spread onto a pizza in place of marinara sauce.

Huli Huli Teriyaki Sauce

This Huli Huli Teriyaki sauce has a delicious pineapple flavor, putting a spin on the classic Teriyaki profile. Try this sweet sauce on stir fry or as a meat and fish marinade.

Maple Buffalo Sauce

Try this sweet twist on a classic buffalo sauce! Chicken and Waffles, anyone?

Matcha Green Tea Dressing

The Matcha powder in this dressing provides typical earthy/grassy notes which mix well with the sweetness of the honey and the creaminess of the yogurt. Try it out on a strawberry salad!

Vegan Pad Thai Sauce

Nikken created a Vegan version of a Pad Thai sauce, which usually incorporates fish sauce. Our 1917 Seaweed Extract and 5390 Fermented Rice Extract powders work together to deliver the classic flavor profile that you know and love.

Vegetarian XO Sauce

You could call Nikken's XO sauce an Umami Bomb! This sauce has mouthwatering flavors that will keep you hungry for more. Try it on noodles or in a sir fry to give it an extra kick.