Chocolate Soy Sauce Gooey Butter Cake

A delicious St. Louis classic dessert is known for its creamy texture and intense sweetness. The addition of 5305 Traditional Soy Sauce Powder creates a rich savory chocolate taste with a craveable mouthwatering sensation. Try this scrumptious dessert at your next event!

Fish Sauce Caramel

Inspired by the Vietnamese fish sauce caramel, Nikken took another route to create a salted caramel. 1620 Fish Sauce Powder, a chef's secret ingredient for adding umami, provides roasted savory notes and brings out the fruitiness from the apricot. This caramel is great on its own or could be used as a dip for fruits.

Mediterranean Bar

Nikken's recipe for a Mediterranean style bar is a fresh take on granola bars. It features our 2230 Roasted Onion Powder, which has a smooth and sweet caramelized onion flavor. Add a pinch of this powder to create a sweet and savory snack or meal replacement that is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Miso Honey Ginger Creamer

Creamer is a bold take on a staple coffee ingredient. The 6107 White Miso Powder adds a savory layer and enhances the ginger notes to really make this creamer pop. Adding a spoonful of this creamer to your morning cup of coffee will start the day off with a twist you will never forget!

Roasted Cabbage Apple Seasoning

This is Nikken's play on a sweet and savory seasoning. It uses 2310 Roasted Cabbage Powder to deliver a great roasted cabbage profile while enhancing the other spices to balance this sweeter seasoning. Try it in applications like sausages or sprinkle on snacks to create a flavorful bite.

Smoky Soy Sauce Strawberry Jam

Nikken's smoky soy sauce strawberry jam recipe is a sensational sweet and savory product. The addition of the 5365 Wheat- Free Soy Sauce Powder is perfect for an extra mouthwatering layer of umami and roasted profile while balancing the fruitiness. Try this recipe as a glaze for salmon or spread it on a biscuit!