These Luxury Pet Product Trends Are Marking Their Territory

Believe it or not, the pet products industry is not one to shy away from gourmet or luxury items to ensure their consumers are getting the best meal and care available.

The State of the Luxury Pet Food Market

The quality of pet foods today is often suitable for human consumption.  It is now common for pet foods to be formulated with organic ingredients, feature low-carb options and stay free from the chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients that raise more questions than flavor.

In addition to high-quality pet food ingredients, sophisticated pet snacks and treats are available as well. A number of these products come with a “clean label” to denote they are GMO-free and grain-free.

6 Pet Food and Pet Care Trends to Watch

Supplements: Along with serving gourmet, people-quality food to their pets, many owners are seeking out supplements to help their best friend battle ailments and improve their health. In fact, Grand View Research estimates the pet supplement industry will reach $1B by 2027. This includes supplements like vitamins, omega 3 oils, probiotics, and CBD specially formulated for stressed-out animals or those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Personal Care: Pet “personal care” items are also growing in popularity. Items like “pet wipes” and cat/dog toothpaste are both on upward sloping trends. More than 400 brands of pet wipes are available on the market today, with searches for “pet wipes” increasing 67% in the last two years, according to Exploding Topics.

CBD: Yep, the CBD trend that has captured human interest for so long is now available to our stressed-out pups. These CBD products and oils are designed specifically for canines and felines are less potent than human-grade.

Technology: There are many accessories available in the global pet market today. For cats, a self-cleaning litter box is available along with a treat-dispensing camera for cats or dogs. The camera allows you to remotely offer your buddy a treat and even talk to your friend through your smartphone.

Subscriptions: When it comes to having high quality, luxury items delivered on a regular basis a variety of options exist, catering to the needs of all sorts of pets. Many brands create subscription boxes to match your pet’s specific needs and interests.

Novelty Items: There are few things unavailable for your pets. From dog perfumes made of patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils to designer pet clothes that costs hundreds of dollars, it’s a dog’s life. Meanwhile, felines are enjoying cat condos that cost over one thousand dollars or lapping up cat wine so you can enjoy happy hour with your furry pal.

Trendy Pet Food Ingredients to Watch

Be sure to keep your eye out for these popular pet food ingredients:

  • CBD for pets, as mentioned earlier, to help our more anxious friends keep their cool.
  • Raw ingredients like organ meat and veggies in freeze-dried foods.
  • Organic and omega-3 enriched foods.

Treating Your Pets to the High-Quality Pet Food They Deserve

Pet health is of the utmost importance to consumers today.

We treat our animals more and more like members of the family, and that can include providing high-quality foods and treats. Consumers have made it clear they will happily invest in items and ingredients to maximize the health of their pets.


 Nikken’s All-Natural Ingredients, Perfect for Pet Food

Clean ingredients from Nikken Foods that can elevate pet food options instantly:

Nikken’s Shrimp Powder – 1501 is 100% deshelled shrimp meat and Nikken’s Tuna Extract Powder – 1604 is 100% dried tuna extract.

With an intense shrimp or tuna flavor, these products deliver a fresh, desirable taste that naturally attracts dogs and cats. Nikken offers go-to ingredients for industry formulators with high protein content and clean label benefits.

To learn more about Nikken Foods ingredients, please contact us today to find the perfect product for you and your pets.